Why Am I Still Gaining Weight While Working Out?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why am I gaining weight?” then you know the frustration of trying and failing to get fit. It feels a lot worse when you’re actually working out. There’s no such thing as weight gain for no reason, and that’s what you’re about to find out.

Top Reasons Why You’re Adding Pounds Despite the Workouts

1. Poor Dieting

Sometimes the answer is very simple. It might be your diet.

Diet is a complex subject, and it’s personal. Like a workout, it can differ from one person to another. Certain dietary habits, though, can give you reasons for “sudden weight gain.”

For example, you may be consuming more calories than you burn. A super-intense hour-long workout may be 1,000 calories for men and 750 for women (and that’s pretty high). A cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake is about 2,000 calories. So the age-old “I’ve been virtuous, so I’m going to Gordo Burger” thinking has to go.

A diet that’s high in sodium (which usually happens when you’re eating processed food) can also be a cause. Too much of it in the body can lead to water retention and bloat.

Exercise and diet will always go hand in hand. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is about 80 percent good diet and 20 percent right exercise.

Remember, you can’t offset unhealthy eating habits with working out. Besides, eating a poor diet can have long-term implications for your health. They may cause hormonal imbalance. It may be the reason for the unexplained weight gain in women.

2. Water Retention

In fact, a lot of cases of unexplained weight gain is because of this.

The question is why. When you begin working out, you’re putting stress on your muscles. The fibers break and tear. These micro tears won’t hurt you. They’re a necessary part of the fitness process.

They do represent trauma and injury to the body. You experience inflammation. In turn, the body keeps as much water as it can since it needs fluids to heal the area.

It’s also possible you’re retaining water because you’re dehydrated. The body works on achieving homeostasis. It’s the state of being balanced. If it feels you’re not having enough fluids, it holds on to your reserves.

There are different ways to know if you have water retention. You may have abdominal bloating and weight gain. You may develop stiff joints. Your face may even look puffy.

The good news is, over time, your muscles will toughen up. Your body will get used to the exercise and prevent the inflammatory response. To avoid dehydration and bloating, drink more water.

3. Muscle Expression

Do you ask, “What causes weight gain without overeating?” It can be your muscles hard at work. When you work out, your muscles start to bulk up. The tissue your body replaces torn muscles with is denser and more fibrous. Muscles are denser than fat, so they can increase your weight gain.

The nice thing about muscles is they tend to be compact than fat. You still look lean. It explains why two men or women can have the same weight but look vastly different in terms of shape.

Another potential reason is you’re building muscles faster than losing fat. It’s not something to be scared of. As long as you’re doing your workouts right, you will lose the excess fat. They will leave you more defined and toned.

Warning: Never Ignore Consistent Unexplained Weight Gain

In most cases, the answer to the “Why am I gaining weight?” are the three factors above. It doesn’t mean, though, you should not be worried. For one, there are medical reasons for weight gain.

One of the diseases that make you gain weight is hypothyroidism. It leads to putting on weight for no reason, especially among women. It’s a thyroid issue that affects the body’s metabolism. It needs the support of a doctor. You may also be gaining weight due to the medications you’re taking.

In the end, don’t immediately freak our and ask “Why am I gaining weight?” when you’re working out. It can be your body adjusting to the changes.

Besides, only looking for immediate results is a slippery slope when working out. However, always pay attention to your weight gain. Gaining weight without reason isn’t normal. When necessary, consult your doctor about it.

Pace well with your workouts and diet. Find the right plan for you by scheduling a Free Consultation Call

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