4 Minute Lower Ab Workout You Can Do At Home

Are you looking for a great lower ab workout to fit into your busy schedule? Read on for a 4-minute workout that will work your lower abs and save you time!


The Lower Ab Muscle

The lower abdominal muscle plays an important role in supporting your spine and providing you with stability throughout your movements. It’s important to workout these muscles to help you with your everyday tasks and strengthen your core.

The problem is, these abs can be hard to tone. However, a few minutes of solid lower ab exercises can help adjust your form and lessen back strain.

4 Exercises for Ripped Abs

The 4 exercises in this lower ab workout are perfect for contracting your lower abs and keeping them engaged at every movement. These are also perfect for beginners, as well as experienced gym-goers who are looking for a quick workout.

1. Straight Leg Press Ups

The limited range in motion of this exercise fully engages your lower core by really driving your hips and your legs upwards. The best thing about your legs pressing up is it keeps you from creating momentum, making your lower abs do all the work.

How to do a straight leg press up:

  • Lay down on your back with your hands resting on the sides.
  • Raise your legs up toward the ceiling and you’ll start feeling your lower abs burn a bit.
  • Then thrust your hips upward as you lift your feet closer to the ceiling.
  • Bring it back down slowly and repeat.
  • Do this for 25 seconds then take a 5-second rest.

2. Lying Sprints

Lying sprints are just like bicycle kicks, but you’re trying to get in as much movement as you can in a few seconds. This will constantly keep your abs engaged while it contracts after every switch.

How to do a lying sprint:

  • Lie down on the ground with your hands resting at your sides.
  • Bring your left knee and right elbow together to meet in front of your chest.
  • Then switch to doing this with your right knee and left elbow.
  • Do this for 25 seconds then take a 5-second rest.

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3. Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are one of the most common ab exercises to strengthen your core. Apart from the benefits it brings to your lower back, it also stabilizes your spine and hips.

It’s also a better alternative to the normal crunch because the movement of bringing your knees to your chest protects your back from injury. At the same time, it keeps your abdominal muscles fully engaged.

How to do a reverse crunch:

  • Lay on your back with your palms down at your sides.
  • Bend your knees until they’re pointed towards the ceiling.
  • Place one foot on top of the other to keep your legs stabilized.
  • Then bring your knees all the way toward your head.
  • Pull it back but don’t let your feet touch the ground. Repeat.
  • Do this for 25 seconds then take a 5-second rest.

4. Plank In and Outs

Plank in and outs are a slower and harder form of mountain climbers. As you slowly bring your toes in, you’re constantly contracting your lower abs.

How to do plank in and outs:

  • Start in a plank position.
  • Slowly crawl in with your toes going towards your elbows. About 3 to 4 steps will do.
  • Make sure you’re driving your belly button in towards the ceiling.
  • Then slowly crawl back until you’re in a static plank.
  • Do this for 25 seconds then take a 5-second rest.

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Repeat this whole set twice to complete your 4-minute lower ab workout at home. Make sure to lay a mat down to lessen the pressure on your back, and have some water before and after to keep yourself hydrated. Try to do this quick and easy lower ab workout every day and get closer to obtaining your desired six-pack!

Do you have more questions about this 4-minute lower ab workout? Drop them in the comments section below!

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