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There are several ways that makes Team ShredZone shine above the rest – doing it faster and better is what we are known for.
It’s not unusual for a client to get started and then 28 days later be lighter and 2 trouser sizes smaller. This is just common practice here at ShredZone.
Take Marie, for example, who 12 weeks later is now 25lbs lighter, stress level has diminished, and best of all, her relationship with food has become that of a FIT person mindset… So she’s hasn’t stopped seeing the results!
The mindset shift, is something that Marie has recently expressed her astonishment for, last week she not only didn’t pick up a chocolate, or crave a desert after her meals, but, for the first time since childhood she didn’t even DESIRE those foods that make your waistline expand.
This is a huge breakthrough that the others will always FAIL to attain. Which means that always fall back to square one…
Thing is…
As wonderful as Marie is now looking, she didn’t possess superhero powers to make this possible.
To achieve these results It isn’t hard.
In fact, it’s so simple you’ll likely (and foolishly) dismiss it.
This is how Team ShredZone, WORKS.
We use a form of exercise called PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) which is just a scientific word for moving blood from one end of the body to the other end.
It’s GREAT for your heart, and naturally melts fat!
We achieve this by combining lower and upper body exercises together in a circuit that usually consists of 4-6 exercises.
For example,
• We will perform 45 seconds of Goblet Squats,
• rest for 15 seconds,
• then perform 45 seconds of pull ups (or easier variation),
• rest for 15 seconds
• then perform 45 seconds of Deadlifts,
• rest for 15 seconds,
• then perform 45 seconds of Shoulder Press,
• rest for 15 seconds,
• then perform 45 seconds of a ladder drill,
• rest for 15 seconds
• then finally perform 45 seconds of a core exercise like a Plank.
This 6 minute circuit is enough to surge your metabolism up a gear, resulting in fat loss POST-workout – which is exactly what you NEED to achieve from your workouts IF, like members of the team, you have a busy schedule and need to get the most out of your workouts for the time you have available.
In a nutshell, this is what you need to do to make your workouts effective so that you’re not left frustrated and embarrassed to show your face in public when all the effort you put in and promises you made… was for nothing….
Sure there’s a few more details that we will take care of to ensure you’re seeing progress DAILY and safely.
We also need to take care of your eating plan.
Here’ at ShredZone, we don’t diet, because, they don’t work.
Of course they may work for a couple of week’s, but sooner or later, any diet that RESTRICTS will ALWAYS result in a BINGE.
Diets are like a swing, the harder you pull back (restrict)
the higher your swing back on the other side (the binge)
So instead, we call it an EATING PLAN and we take care of this through giving you ‘THE FRAMEWORK’ to make better food decisions and helping you to prepare your environment, to make it EASY for you to succeed.
The SOLUTION to Fix your Diet,
‘If you own it, you will eat it.’ So we advise our clients, (who we affectionally call, teammates), to clear out their kitchen from any food that:
• Contains processed sugars
• Processed or pre-packed foods
• like Breads, pastries, biscuits ect.
• and remove alcohol
Once this food is out of sight, you’ve now more than DOUBLED your success rate. Think about it – you’re less likely to snack between 9pm and bedtime, when there are no snacks to snack-on and hassle of driving to the shops, puts you off. Environment, is going to be a BIG influencer in you succeeding at this weight loss game or not.

You have to get that environment and support network in place from Day 1.
That’s why I highly recommend that you workout with a Partner.
You see, I can share all our secrets,
In fact, I can email you over the exact plan…
But it’s what happens in our session, that truly transforms your mind, body and wellbeing and gets you confidence boosting results.
Here’s a little more info about our up and coming 28 Day Transformation Challenge.
Which is unlike any other Challenge you will come across.
Not only does it guarantee you’ll lose up to 1 stone and drop 2 trouser sizes…..
The results you will see, will be sustainable.
No extreme dieting.
No backflips or diving through fire hoops.
Just effective, progressive results.
Check it out over here >
Coach Eddy
P.S.  Now I’ve got to WARN YOU:
The 28 Day Challenge is a GAME-CHANGER,
BUT – it’s NOT for everyone…
That’s why, if you want to take part, you need to APPLY over HERE.
Normally – we turn away 90% of people, because they’re just looking for another quick-fix…
If thats you, DO NOT CLICK HERE
But if you WANT real results,
that LAST,
…then you ARE someone we’re looking for The Team.

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