How To Eat Organic On A Budget…

How To Eat Organic On A Budget…

We know that many of you understand the importance of eating organic; however, you can’t seem to fit it into your budget. Many of you are telling us that Organic is extremely pricey, they can be anywhere from 20 to 100 percent more expensive than traditional foods and products. I would never tell you to waste your money on something that wasn’t necessary, but we TRULY believe that organic foods have a significant impact not only on our health but also on the environment.

In a perfect world, we could buy everything organic, from our coffee and produce, but I know that’s not realistic for most people. So here are a few tips on creating an organic conventional balance that will most certainly benefit your life and your wallet.

Buy Store Brand: Brands of organic foods and other products made by grocery store chains are often less expensive and can be found in the chains’ multiple locations.

Order Online: If you eat a lot of certain organic food, why not order it in bulk? You might be able to get a volume discount. Here are some sources to consider.

Home delivery of organic food:, or

Various organic offerings:

Frequent your local farmers’ market: If you go often enough and get to know the farmers, they can tell you when specific crops are coming in, when the abundance of those fruits and vegetables translates into lower prices.

Eat less meat: Bean based meals can give you all the protein of beef, chicken, or fish at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also lessen your exposure to toxic hormones and pesticides that build up in animal tissues.

Use coupons: Check out the many Websites of organic companies to find coupons.

Try your hand at a vegetable patch: A tomato plant might cost a couple of bucks, but you’ll end up with homegrown tomatoes worth $30 to $40. Multiply the savings by a whole garden and you may not have to worry about buying organic fruits and vegetables anymore. You can use a Tower Garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables. The Tower Garden simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home. It’s a state of the art vertical aeroponic growing system, perfect for patios, balconies, terraces, just about any relatively sunny place outside.

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