5 Weight-Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves


5 Weight-Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves

Ever read something and feel like the author was talking directly to you?

I just read this EVIDENCE based fitness article debunking 5 BIG weight loss lies and I just wanted to kiss the writer.

I LOVE stuff like this!

For many years I was hanging out in the fitness industry, feeling out of place because it was festering with fake ass information.

People would come up to me before or after class with all kinds of nonsense and I would cringe.

I was afraid to tell them it was complete garbage. 

Misinformation can be a blinding crutch and far too often prevents us from achieving our goals.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to continually refresh our perspective, focus on the sweet taste of victory and believe in ourselves.

TAKEAWAY: Our daily habits and beliefs trump myths regarding (high/low) metabolism, exercise, genes/family history…

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