Exercise in Style and Comfort

Proper shoes for exercise function
Proper shoes for exercise function

The importance of good footwear with exercise


The mistake most people make when they decide to start working out is selecting an old pair of sneakers in the closet, or whatever is available. An old pair of shoes no longer has the support it once did when they were first purchased. The choice in the long run may be a very bad decision. First timers in the fitness world are more susceptible to injuries, so it is very important that this investment is made. It doesn’t matter if you are a walker, jogger, or runner, you can walk in running shoes, but you cannot run in walking shoes. Running shoes tend to provide the best support for beginners.

The best kinds of shoes for running are ones that are light and fitting to your feet. Too much or too little room can leave room for injuries and sore feet the next day. If you find you have these issues after a day of running, then most likely the shoes were not the best fit for you. Socks also make an impact when working out. If you purchase ones that are too thick or thin, the results are sore feet the next day. Anti-blister socks are available for purchase in most fitness stores. It is advised to invest in a few pair to avoid blisters. Make note that store brand socks made of cotton can bunch up when the wearer sweats.

A snugly fit shoe that is as tailored as possible to your feet will make a huge difference in how you feel during and after your workout. Your feet will also have a much lighter feel as you run. If you have a shoe that is too loose it may rub against the back of your heel resulting in a possible blister that you will have to deal with the next time you are running or working out. If you have a foot condition such as bunions or corns, notice that your feet go numb while walking or on an elliptical machine, then shoes with a wide toe area may be more comfortable for you. You can also try loosening the shoestrings so that it is not so tight on your feet.

Most places can assist you in fitting for proper footwear for the purpose intended. Don’t overlook this! The shoes that you purchase are not for a fashion statement, they are an investment for your foot health and fitness goals.

It’s best to run in a shoe that has a thin sole, much like the Vibrams (five fingered shoes) that are form fitting to your feet. They allow you to run in the purest form as our ancestors did. If you are used to running in a thicker soled shoe, then gradually progress to slimmer soles as to avoid shocking your body.

Selecting and purchasing the right pair for you basically comes down to how your foot rotates, also known as pronation and supination. In some cases the foot rotates too much or too little while running.

Prior to your purchase, it may be in your best interest to research the types of shoes that are sure to fit with the type of exercise you will be partaking in. Generally, we find ourselves asking the store clerks for assistance but if you are not in a fitness geared store, you may find some difficulty choosing which is best for you.

Cross trainers and are designed for tennis, squash, and volleyball. They are too heavy and may not have enough leeway to allow you to propel forward while speed walking. Basketball shoes are meant for basketball and you can wear them while weight training, although they are not the best for walking or running on the treadmill, or for a cardio based workout. Aerobic shoes are meant for just that, aerobics; however you may also wear them in the weight room. They have the most cushions in the ball of the foot and not the heel of the shoe.

When making your final purchase, it is best to try both of the shoes on while at the store to see how they fit. If you cannot wiggle your toes, they are too tight and may result in injury or discomfort after wearing them. Buying your shoes later in the day or at night will prove beneficial since your feet tend to swell as the day goes on. Avoid purchasing the shoes based off of fashions trends or inexpensive exercise shoes in discount stores as they generally do not offer the support needed for a daily and regular exercise routines.

You will know when it is time to purchase a new pair when your current shoes lose the support from the inside, which occurs before the tread of the shoe diminishes. It’s wise to invest in two pairs at a time so you can alternate them ,and they will also last longer.

To ensure you get the most out your workout as well as avoiding any possible injuries, be sure to get the proper footwear for the type of fitness you are choosing. Running shoes are the most versatile. Investing in multiple pairs, and choosing the right type of socks are all decisions that can help you enjoy your fitness routine all that much more.

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