Bodyweight Training Part 2

Never be bored with your workouts again!
Never be bored with your workouts again!

More benefits of Bodyweight training:


  • No longer must you succumb to the boredom of being cooped up in a gym. There is a countless amount of variations you can use to keep it interesting, which can also work you through a plateau, furthering your fitness goals.


  • Being able to head outdoors and have scenery at your disposal can and will keep it interesting and fun!


  • Bodyweight train with friends.


  • Try yoga, another form bodyweight training that is beneficial, popular, and can increase flexibility while improving strength.


  • No more excuses on not having time, because you can do this in the morning after getting out of bed, or on a break between work and heading home. Find a routine that fits within your busy schedule anywhere, anytime, and you won’t have to worry about spending time traveling to and from the gym. For parents that say they don’t have time, you can also use your children’s playground area for your workout. Keeping them and you entertained.


  • Bodyweight training is a more cost effective method of getting fit. You don’t have to worry about pricey gym memberships to keep up on. There are amazing outdoor training locations that you can take advantage of for free, check with your local recreation facility to find one nearest you.


Exercise anywhere, anytime!
Exercise anywhere, anytime!
  • Prevent injuries from over working yourself. This form of training exercises can assist someone in a rehabilitation program for injuries (as long as the routines are kept simple and fairly easy). These types of routines can be used for someone that may not be fully able, catering to all ages, experience level, and fitness level.


  • Let’s talk results… Body-weight exercises involve compound movements. This involves movements that engage multiple muscles in a set of movements that make up the routine. Compound movements include exercises like push-ups, lunges, and chin ups, and these specific movements have been known to be extremely effective for strength gain and improved overall athletic performance. Results are amplified due to the core development throughout the entire body.


There is no perfect or best way for everyone to get fit and exercise. Bodyweight training provides those who choose it, benefits that other resistance training routines cannot match. There has been a popularity surge for the bodyweight training boot camps, and there are also apps that can help you test it to see if it is a good fit for you. Keep your eyes out for daily routines posted on our facebook page, OR come try out a free intro class with one of ShredZone Fitness Personal trainers nearest you. 🙂

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