Bodyweight Training Part 1

The no excuse way to get work in your daily fitness
The no excuse way to get work in your daily fitness

 Reasons to use bodyweight training in your daily workout routine.

Once you have decided to get fit and in shape, it does not have to become a mind-bending routine. You can utilize simple and easy exercises using your own body weight, allowing you to do it anywhere, including the comfort of your own home. These exercises assist in achieving strength gain, muscle building, and boosting your cardiovascular health. This kind of training, with the mix the strength moves and short, high-energy bursts of cardio, you can boost your calorie burn by as much as 25 percent, blasting about 320 calories or more in 45 minutes. Here are a few other reasons to use this form of exercise training:

Super efficient: Using high-output, body weight based exercises like plyometrics can yield an amazing fitness gain in a short span of workout time. Since there is no machinery used in these routines, you can transition easily from one exercise to another. Having a shorter resting time means that your heart rate is boosted, and that increase is burning some major calories!

Combinations of cardio and strength training such as 60 seconds of Mountain Climbers, or a set of jumping jacks in between strength exercises when you are pressed for a time, but want to achieve both, will keep your heart rate up while still encouraging your strength and muscular development.

If you are looking to shed a few undesired pounds, just a few minutes of bodyweight circuit training can make a huge impact on the body’s metabolism. To try it out, just add a few quickly paced Burpees to a workout and you will be able to see results. Research has shown that your metabolism can stay revved by 25 percent for up to 15 hours after a high-intensity strength session. Plus, regular resistance training helps keep your metabolic fires ignited daily. Because bodyweight training utilizes both cardio and strength training, you can take advantage of both of those systems activating your metabolism in one circuit.

You can personalize your routine easily to modify and cater to your level of fitness. You can add repetitions, speeding them up or slowing them down. You can make even the simplest routine more challenging by changing the speed and form. You have endless options that can be switched up at your discretion.

Simple bodyweight movements engage and strengthen your core muscle group, which is made up of at least twenty-nine muscles. This can lead to a better posture and improve your overall performance. Also, utilizing full range of movement, these exercises also increase your flexibility.

Your Body is the Equipment: Because they do not require weights, bodyweight exercises are the ideal choice for individuals who are interested in fitness but do not have access to equipment.  However, weights may still be incorporated to increase the difficulty of most bodyweight exercises. For those exercises that do require equipment of some kind, a substitute can usually be improvised (for example, using a branch of a tree for pull-ups, or using a chair to perform triceps dips).

For Everybody: Some bodyweight exercises have been shown to benefit not just the young, but the elderly also. Many bodyweight exercises can be progressed or regressed to meet the individual’s need (more or less reps, or adding or reducing the seconds or minutes performed). This progression/regression strategy allows nearly all levels of fitness to participate. So NO excuses about age or fitness level!

If you are unsure about what where to get started, check out pintrest, youtube, join a ShredZone classs, or checkout our facebook page. We try to post routines regularly to give you a chance to practice in the comfort of your own home and schedule. No excuses guys! The sooner you get started the sooner you will reach your fitness goals!

Stay tuned for more on Bodyweight training ideas next week!

Can be done anywhere
Can be done anywhere
Builds Core Strength
Builds Core Strength
Can be done by all genders, ages, and fitness levels
Can be done by all genders, ages, and fitness levels

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